Front end development is still largely under-estimated in many organisations. It can be hard to gauge the complexities involved in developing simple features.

Front end developers predicament
Front end developers predicament

Front-end has grown extravagantly complex over the past couple of years. It is an ever-changing technology stack, however, at many levels, it's still underestimated in many organisations.

There's a lot that goes into a front end development. Brandon Morelli has done a great job of showing the level of complexities in the path to front-end development in his blog. On top of that, I would like to add further responsibilities like security, performance, deployment, etc.

Mocking api requests in jest using jest-api-mock; an extensible solution to mock multiple api responses.

You might have already read the previous blog on mocking multiple api’s with jest. It explains the idea behind how i extended jest.mock to mock apis. More on that — here.

I have created an npm package over the approach mentioned in the previous blog. In this write up, i basically try to explain, why you would want to use this package and how its different from jest-fetch-mock which you could use to mock fetch calls.

A central configuration file

One of the important things that jest-api-mock does is, it creates a central configuration file where all your mocks are mapped. …

Mocking api requests in jest via manual mocks and providing a way to create an extensible solution to mock multiple api responses.

Jest is a great testing framework used to usually test react components. I’ve recently finished up a big application and used mobx for all my state needs. For testing, I approached it by writing tests for stores which contains all my application logic and then moving to mount the application using the mock store tests I’ve written.

In this writeup we will be exploring a way to mock multiple api’s with jest.

I have written an npm package based on the below approach. You could directly use it to configure your apis. You could find more details on how to…

In an organization, its not common that many backend developers at times had to dirty their hands making and building the UI. Though i’d not like to use the term ‘dirty their hands’, but lets face it, for most its not been a pleasant experience. They end up jumbling jquery and javascript with styles and css into a big debris of non readable and non extendable code which after some time becomes a nightmare.

Working on the UI for so many years, i’ve seen many common repeating problems which every other developer faces. …

The intricate build system

First build it , then improve it and finally optimize it

I have always followed the principles of measuring the need before building something new. As developers, there is always an urge to work on the latest tech stack and this blinds people to adopt technologies which do not suit the product one is building. So when we first set out to develop our new UI and we needed to have a build system in place I went ahead with r.js since I already had been working on it and it was easy to adopt for the requirements at hand.

My efforts towards becoming socially better

Communication is a skill that you can learn. It’s like riding a bicycle or typing. If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life.
-Brian Tracy

Working in a startup has its own perks. And one such perk is to have some really intelligent people around you who keep pushing your boundaries of knowledge and maturity and help you grow ahead of everybody else and the space I need to extend a lot is communication.

I’m not an introvert and nor am I an extrovert. Once I know someone, I…

I’ve got a new-found respect for the Hiring department now that I know how difficult it is to find the right talent.

I’ve been working as a front end engineer in a startup for past 4 years. Ours is a very small team, I handled all the front end needs, 2 of my colleagues handled all the backend needs. A CTO who takes care of the system and requirement as a whole and a CEO who takes care of all other things. You could image the amount of workload that goes on in a small team. When we grew as…

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I am a Front End Engineer at heart and love to write on topics related to UI, fundamental development and new learnings.

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